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    Will Deadly Blue-Green Algae Kill My Dog?

    There is nothing that makes dog-moms and dads take notice like a post on dogs dying.  If you’ve been on social media this summer, you’ve probably seen a story on Arya, the sweet dog who swam in Lake Allatoona and died less than an hour later. Yes, summer may seem like the perfect time for a water outing with the pups, but at least one dog in Georgia and at least three dogs in North Carolina have died within hours of swimming in ponds and lakes with algae.  Toxic blue-green algae has been blamed for their deaths. Is it safe to take your dogs swimming anymore?  The verdict isn’t clear,…

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    Why You Should Get a Dog to Relieve Anxiety

    Pascal with his tongue hanging out.

    Getting a golden retriever has saved my sanity. I’ll just say it, “I struggle with anxiety.” And I’m not alone.  If you have anxiety, you’re not alone either. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, roughly 18% of the American population suffer from an anxiety disorder.1  And the trend is rising – more people every year are affected by mental illnesses. Although we wish there was an easy way to combat this, let’s face it.  Life is “ruff,” and today’s world just gets more and more difficult (seemingly impossible) to navigate. Enter golden retriever. Ahem, let me rephrase that: in bounces a super fluffy ball of love with…