Meet our Golden Retrievers

Welcome to! 

This is a dog blog featuring our two happy, fluffy dogs.

Meeko and Pascal are sweet but crazy golden retriever boys! Meeko is 3 years old, and Pascal is 1 year old. We named them after two of our favorite Disney movie characters – Meeko from Pocahontas, and Pascal from Tangled!

HappyFluffyDog is a place for us, Meeko and Pascal’s parents, to share our story of raising both of our boys from puppies to where they are today, and everything we learned along the way.

We are first-time dog parents – a little paranoid, a little OCD, absorbing as much information as we can, just trying to get it right and give our dogs the best, longest, happiest lives.

We fully believe that every dog reacts differently to different situations, and we are open to and accepting of varying opinions.  What works for us may not work for everyone else, but it’s quite possible that it may!  This is our way to spread knowledge, and support the wonderful, loving, community of dog owners!