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The Secret Easy Home Remedy for Dog Ear Infections

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You’re chilling with your dog-baby on the couch, when you notice he’s scratching or shaking his ear incessantly.  Or you see the ear is bright red and angry-looking.  Then you catch a whiff of the smell…


The dreaded ear infection – it’s so common that many dogs get them multiple times a year, especially breeds with long, floppy ears and lots of fur.

If the ear looks (or smells) particularly angry, definitely take your pooch to the vet. 

But, some ear infections are easily treatable at home, thanks to this secret home remedy.

Why This Concoction Works The Best for Us

There are dozens of home remedies out there for dog ear infections on Google, and we have tried most of them. 

We’ve tried the apple cider vinegar solution, the white vinegar solution, and other solutions, but Meeko absolutely HATES to have liquid put in his ear.  We’ve read about essential oils and natural remedies, but for every person who supports essential oils, there is another who says it’s dangerous.  Plus you’re supposed to dilute them into another liquid, yada yada yada.  And none of them seemed to work consistently!

This recipe is a cream – it’s easy to apply.  Just use your finger to rub a pea-sized dab into the ear.  And it feels soothing to your dog.  No one likes having liquid in their ear!

The Secret Ear Infection Remedy for Dogs

Go to any drug store or grocery store (or Walmart) and buy the following:

Generic works fine for all of these, and I’m all about saving a few bucks!  If possible, try to buy tubes of approximately the same size.

Mix all three ingredients together until they are well combined.  Spoon into a container that will seal well.  (I recommend a plastic tube or some little jars, almost like lip balm jars.)

For inflamed ears, apply a pea-sized dab once or twice a day.  Rub the dab into the dog’s ear as deep as you can safely go, but be careful not to reach too deep as you could injure his ear.

We’ve seen improvements in as little as 24 to 48 hours after applying this ear infection home remedy!

The Science of How it Works

This mixture of ingredients can alleviate most dog ear infections!

Polysporin is a double antibiotic ointment which works to prevent and treat infections; the antibiotics slow or stop the growth of bacteria.

Miconazole (or Monistat) is an antifungal that is effective at treating fungal and yeast infections.  Since many dog ear infections are caused by yeast, this antifungal performs exceptionally well on dog ears.  Note that sometimes this medicine comes in a pack with separate small tubes or applicators; all you need is the big tube in the package.

Hydrocortisone cream reduces itching, redness, and inflammation, and works to quickly soothe your dog’s ears.

Clean Ears Again

We have seen results in only 24 hours after applying this dog ear infection remedy!

Since the ingredients are so easily accessible, you can go out and buy everything you need (container included) from Walmart at 2 A.M. if you need to.  And although it will set you back a few bucks, it certainly costs less than a vet visit plus the veterinarian’s prescription medicine.

Still, we recommend continual ear maintenance.  It’s important to check the ears and clean them out after particularly messy activities, like swimming and rolling in the grass or dirt.  (They are constantly rolling in the grass at our house!)

I hope your dog is on his or her way to feeling all better!  If you need something to put a smile on your face, take a look at our new comic strip, A Tail of Two Goldens.

Thanks for tuning in!

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